During the day on Friday, the committee members, Martin Woodhead and Brian Delbridge arrived at NTK Hut. Sally was away on a business trip, so could not attend, but had provided her input in absentia.

Those who arrived early enough were lucky enough to have some real work to do – mostly related to re-staining the exterior walls for the two sides and the front of the hut, with the back being finished by Brian on Sunday.

We had a full agenda to work through, so after Friday night’s dinner, we spent a couple of hours in discussions on specific areas of the club’s operations that required our collective thoughts.

The discussion continued at 8.00am on Saturday, and we were able to round up the proceedings by around 3.30pm. Some of the committee continued working through Sunday, although two of us had Sunday trips to lead, so were excused.

Results of the discussions are summarised below :

  1. Wanderlust – needs redesign using modern publishing tools.
  2. Trip booking numbers for weekend trips should be in Wanderlust, as well as being clearly accessible on the website
  3. Extended trips – to be planned at various times during the year to reflect the current lifestyle choices of the membership. Bus unlikely to be going to the South Island next summer.
  4. A database is to be developed of weekend /extended trips with details of contacts, routes, access restrictions etc.
  5. We continue to evaluate other options for our day trips, as some of our traditional Waitakeres and Hunua trips are no longer an option.
  6. ATC SnowSports Lodge  - we are seeing negligible patronage by club members, we have a declining pool of member users assisting in Lodge maintenance, and we rely significantly on external groups to cover running costs. This challenges the role this facility can continue to play in the club’s activities.
  7. NTK – while this also has negligible patronage by club members it has  low running costs, so does not present the same challenges as ATC SnowSports Lodge.
  8. Social events will remain the same for now – club night attendance sometimes is quite low. The Christmas party format at Ryders works well.
  9. The bus operation is running well, and the new air suspension has been a great success.
  10. Our accountancy systems meet our needs at the moment, but options will need to be reviewed in the medium term.
  11. We are continuing to evaluate the options for the balance of the Roger Taylor bequest following the allocated donation to the Kaimai hut project.
  12. Our Meetup group, Auckland Hike & Ski, provides variety to the party composition, and also contributes to the bus trip income. We need to ensure trip details are clear so that Meetup members know what to expect.
  13. Training. We will embark on a new round of leader training, to support existing and new leaders. A snowcraft course for club members is a possibility.
  14. WSCTC – we need to jointly take care over the group dynamics when their participation in a trip results in a large group of people.
  15. The club library held by Brian Delbridge gets absolutely minimal use. The relevance of the library contents to the club is to be reviewed.
  16. The paper records held at various places are to be reviewed and destroyed or relocated as appropriate.
  17. The benefit of ATC remaining a Registered Charity is to be investigated. There are reporting and taxation implications to be considered.

All considered this was a valuable exercise, since there was sufficient time to work through the agenda in a relaxed and pleasant club environment.