Those of you who turned out in a respectable number on a damp club night recently were well rewarded by an inspiring and interesting presentation from Jeremy Scott on his travels from London to New Zealand by bicycle.

In form at least there are some recognisable similarities with an extended tramping trip – deciding to do it without knowing what lies ahead, preparation and more preparation (several years in his case), on day one wondering whether he should get up or go back to sleep, that quick realisation that your fitness is not what you had hoped, requiring some hard days of working into it, and from then onwards the constant adaptation to conditions to keep the show on the road. So when your alarm goes off on Sunday or Wednesday morning, DO get out of bed and get ready for the day’s ATC trip, rather than staying in bed !

Shortly the committee will be holding the advertised planning day at NTK hut – where we will be taking time out to consider what the club provides to its members and how we operate, and from there, how to work the most efficiently to best meet the needs of our current and future membership. The discussions are open to all members, not just the committee – and a few have opted to join us. It is not too late for you also to take part, so please contact me now so that I can send you an agenda and briefing notes.

One of our biggest challenge as a committee is that we receive minimal feedback from you, our members, about what you appreciate and what might be an issue with how the ATC operates. We are delegated by the membership each year to take decisions on your behalf, and always endeavour to consider the best interests of the club for the short, medium, and long term. The decision making can only be that better informed by  receiving constant feedback from you.

Tony Walton