What's Up DOC? - February and March 2017

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The February newsletter includes :

New Royal Albatross Chick Update from Lou Sanson - Far North, Kororipo at Kerikeri, Pupu Rangi - Dargaville, Te Urewera, Hikurangi Family Friendly Walks
Seaweek Photo Competition for UN World Wildlife Day  for 10-24 year olds 2017 Blake Ambassadors
Kaki - Black stilts New education resources for investigating animal and plant pests 4 Landmark / Whenua Tohunga sites
Marine Reserve Report Cards - Goat Island and Tawharanui Photo of the Month - Kea on Avalanche Peak

The March newsletter includes :

Whio Awareness Month - March Upcoming Events RoyalCam Update
Update from Lou Sanson - Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park and Christchurch, and kakapo in the Tin Range Kaka population recovery following pest ontrol Identifying lizards
Photo of the Month - NZ Dotterel Chicks Wairakei kiwi sanctuary The Fairy Tern Team
Waging War on Wasps Paparoa great Walk Approved Dart Track Reopens
Acoustic Monitoring Survey    
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