ATC strongly advises you to have a Covid vaccination immediately 

Under Alert Levels 3 and 4, no trips will run.

Under Alert Level 2 it is likely we will be running trips - the committee is currently working on finalising our guidelines for that

Under Alert Level 1 we are running all scheduled trips.

These are our Covid-19 Guidelines:

  1. Do not come on a trip if you are not well - no coughs, sneezes, colds, sore throats - More on Covid-19 Symptoms
  2. As usual, your contact details will be captured in the trip list - please ensure the details you provide are accurate and will allow us to contact you in an emergency
  3. When travelling on the club bus, please use the Covid Tracer app from your phone to scan the ATC QR Code
  4. Under Level 2, masks are mandatory when you are travelling on the club bus

Keep an eye on our website for updated information.

Our bus now has its very own QR Code - so since you will have already downloaded the Government Covid-19 Tracer app to your phone, when next using the bus again, please do scan this code for each time you travel on the bus.

 QR Code