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Musick Point Walk - Anzac Day 2021

Musick 01
Apr 26, 2021 Hits: 46
Easy/ Medium Leader Louise Inglis Timing for this walk was carefully planned for low tide. Our party of 8 left from the…
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An Easter Adventure – medium style

Tararua M 2021 01
Apr 06, 2021 Hits: 40
Easter 2021 In search of Point 801, goblins and onward to set foot on a famous ridge by Chris Burnett DAY 1 Most trips…
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Tararua Breezes – Easter 2021

IMG 3342
Apr 05, 2021 Hits: 107
Our Fit group was tasked with the mission of visiting some of the Tararua tops and valleys, starting from the…
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Karamatura Easter 2021

Karamatura 1
Apr 05, 2021 Hits: 124
Sunday April 4, 2021 by Louise Inglis (leader) 15 high spirited trampers, including 5 first-timers, relished the return…
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Ngamuwahine Valley Fit Trip

Kaimai Fit 2021 01
Mar 15, 2021 Hits: 38
12-14 March, 2021 by Corine Pontbriand A trip to the Kaimais is always an exciting prospect, and this one was…
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Southern Kaimais Easy/Medium

Kaimai EM 2021 01
Mar 15, 2021 Hits: 46
12-14 March 2021 by Martin Woodhead 7.00am – an early start from Sapphire Springs as the medium and fit groups had…
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Safari 2021 – February - March

Safari 2021 01
Mar 08, 2021 Hits: 32
by Owen Sharpe Safari this year was a two week clockwise loop from Christchurch pausing in Arthur’s Pass, Punakaiki…
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Arthur Range - Interim Medium Fit Trip Feb 2021

Arthur Range 2021 01
Mar 01, 2021 Hits: 29
by David Holl 20 February Rory of Trek Express picked us up from Nelson Airport at 9.30 am and drove us to Wangapeka…
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Motuihe Island – 26-28 February 2021

Motuihe 01
Feb 28, 2021 Hits: 71
A very agreeable spot! by Kay Willcocks Laden up with “necessities”, 13 hardy trampers met at Auckland Sea Shuttles…
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NTK Hut visit – February

NTK February 2021 01
Feb 27, 2021 Hits: 110
A group of 10 ATC members recently overnighted at NTK to celebrate Uta Machold’s birthday. 5 of the group braved…
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Kaimai Recce – February

Kaimai Recce February 2021 01
Feb 26, 2021 Hits: 125
3 members headed into the Kaimais to recce the Te Hanga Ridge route between Puketutu and Kauritatahi huts for a…
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Interim February 2021

Interim 2021 01
Feb 21, 2021 Hits: 83
PART 1: RICHMOND RANGES by Christine Major The Richmond Ranges comprised new territory for many of us but for our…
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