Wanderlust May 2021 coverWanderlust is the Club’s monthly magazine, in unbroken production since 1936! 

It’s chock full of news, our upcoming tramping programmes, members’ trip reports, and plenty of info and advice of interest to trampers.

It’s published from February to December as a pdf available on this page, and for an additional fee members can choose to receive a print version.

Plus the latest edition can be viewed as a flipbook by clicking on the cover image on this page or the home page.

Wanderlust is heavily reliant on contributions from our members, and all contributions are welcome.

We love receiving trip reports and are delighted to publish them. Please keep your reports to under 1500 words and be sure to send us accompanying photos.

Send all contributions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Upcoming submission closing dates are:

- May 2021: Friday 16th April

- June 2021: Friday 21st May

- July 2021: Friday 18th June

- August 2021: Friday 16th July

Recent editions are available below. Want to print a pdf yourself as an A5 booklet? - see these instructions.

FileFile sizeDownloads
Download this file (Wanderlust May 2021 Trips.pdf)May 2021 Trips Only447 kB59
Download this file (Wanderlust May 2021.pdf)May 20213461 kB113
Download this file (Wanderlust April 2021 trips.pdf)April 2021 Trips Only490 kB67
Download this file (Wanderlust April 2021.pdf)April 20212771 kB157
Download this file (Wanderlust March 2021 Trips.pdf)March 2021 Trips Only457 kB55
Download this file (Wanderlust March 2021.pdf)March 20213017 kB136
Download this file (Wanderlust February 2021 trips only.pdf)February 2021 Trips Only578 kB89
Download this file (Wanderlust February 2021.pdf)February 20212152 kB146
Download this file (Wanderlust December 2020 Trips.pdf)December 2020 Trips Only474 kB125
Download this file (Wanderlust December 2020.pdf)December 20202853 kB522
Download this file (Wanderlust November 2020 Trips.pdf)November 2020 Trips429 kB163
Download this file (Wanderlust November 2020.pdf)November 20203070 kB303
Download this file (Wanderlust October 2020 Trips only.pdf)October 2020 Trips Only857 kB114
Download this file (Wanderlust October 2020.pdf)October 20203140 kB157
Download this file (Wanderlust September 2020 Trips.pdf)September 2020 Trips Only463 kB71
Download this file (Wanderlust September 2020.pdf)September 20203893 kB160
Download this file (Wanderlust August 2020 Trips.pdf)August 2020 Trips Only369 kB106
Download this file (Wanderlust August 2020.pdf)August 20202174 kB163
Download this file (Wanderlust July 2020 Trips.pdf)July 2020 Trips Only408 kB115
Download this file (Wanderlust July 2020.pdf)July 20201836 kB185
Download this file (Wanderlust June 2020.pdf)June 20201761 kB232