Create a map using the ZH Googlemap Component - Map

This component uses an huge amount of the functionailty of the Google Maps API but to start with just keep it simple.

To create a map you need to do the following to make it work:

  1. Add a TITLE
  2. Add a Lat & Long (I use the map to create this by locating the area which will be the centre of your map and clciking the mouse
  3. Add a width - I usually use 0 which defaults to the full width of page
  4. Add a height - usually use 900 but can be anything you like.
  5. To display the NZ Topo Map on the Map Details tab - Map Type select NZTopomaps. In the NZTopomaps Layer field select Overlay
  6. SAVE the map, note the ID number.

In an article to display a map add the following: {zhgooglemap:Map ID}

To add a track or route

To add a track to the map you need it in a kml or kmz file format.

You can use the following online program to convert a gpx file to a kml file if you wish.  - Only select Track as option

This kml file needs to be uploaded to the website using the media manager or via FTP.

 Once a kml has been uploaded in this case to the atc-maps folder it can be added to the map.

To add, open the relevant map, click on the Map details tab and in the KML Layer field add the kml/kmz file url as per example