The last few months have been a quiet tramping and track maintenance time for me as a result of a knee issue following a superb Ruahines Easter tramp. Giving it time and daily exercises appear to be helping, and it was great to get up and down the Maunganui Bluff without any issue on the recent club weekend trip up north. Which was characterised by a fine day followed by a rough squally day with some great opportunities for testing wet weather gear and trampers’ stamina. The trip report for the through trip is well worth the read – well done to everyone who braved the waist deep river and the elements on the Sunday!

Our website upgrade is underway, with more changes happening over the coming weeks. It is a great marketing tool, and already is the world-wide top ranking site for people searching in Google for “tramping” and “tramping Auckland”, and high on the list for “tramping nz”. Some of the changes involve using words that people commonly search for, so we now run “Day Walks” and “Multiday Tramps” – while the word Trip is useful, people looking for what we do best don’t search for “Trip”.

The main menu items provide direct access to our key offerings – Day Walks, Multiday Tramps, Trip Reports and from that encourage to “Join ATC”, which now includes a trial of a joining application form via email.

Towards the end of July we expect to have a new website page template live, including a completely new picture icon layout for the important items on our Home page and for the Trips Reports page. The template also supports an improved mobile presentation, so give it a whirl and let us know what you think. As usual, please provide all feedback.

Summer trips plans are now coming together into some great tramps in the Arthurs Pass and Lewis Pass areas – see page 25. If you are even mildly interested and / or have some additional suggestions, please register with the leaders so as to assist with finalising the plans and making transport and accommodation decisions and bookings over the next couple of months. It is not too late of course to propose your own trip – more options with coordinated trip organisation helps us to efficiently provide a greater variety of appealing tramps.

Our trips programme continues to be our star attraction. At a recent planning meeting we extended our multiday tramp plans past the middle of next year – see page 7 for what’s in store.

Tony Walton