The Auckland Tramping Club has a long history of providing memorable tramping and other trips in the Auckland area, all over New Zealand, and overseas.

We were formed in 1925. Over the decades since then we have built and maintained three tramping huts, and have operated a long series of club vehicles for providing transport for trips, including with a sleeper capability for our weekend and other multi day trips.

We are an Incorporated Society with full Charitable status. Management is via a committee comprising president, secretary, treasurer, transport officer, huts officer, and other general committee members. Our objective as a committee is to keep things simple and make decisions quickly - so that we can all get on with the real business of tramping.

We have a Facebook page and sponsor a Meetup Group - Auckland Tramping.

New members are always welcome for both participation in our wide range of club events, as well as contributing fresh ideas for what can contribute to a fun and rewarding programme for all our members. Do explore our website to find out what is ahead in our full trips programme, and read the entertaining trip reports from many trips past.