The Roll of Honour lists members of ATC who fought during World War 2.

It was hung in Memorial Hut until the transfer of ownership to the Central Plateau Schools.

The original of the Roll is a significant art work requiring long term preservation so has now been gifted to the Auckland Museum. As part of the gifting process, Auckland Museum provided us with a high quality slightly amended replica and electronic files (original and amended versions) which are now held in the ATC Committee electronic archives.

This replica is on display in ATC's Ngaro Te Kotare hut in the Waitakeres.

The visual difference between the original roll and the replica is the number of red stars. The original has a star alongside the names of three of the men killed, the replica has the names of all five marked with a star. The original stars were painted, not self adhesive "add ons", and no reason has been found as to why only three stars featured on the original. 

The museum archivists asked about the provenance of the Roll. Ian Roberts searched in the back issues of Wanderlust and found that Dorothy Mays, a club member, had painted the Roll and gifted it to the club on April 1944 which was 13 months before VE Day - the end of the war in Europe. The final two digits for the year that the war ended were left blank, to be filled in when hostilities ceased. At the time of the gifting, only one of the five men had been killed - Doug Callow, was known to be dead, dying at sea in May 1943. Of the others, Roy Herrick was posted missing in Crete from August 1941 while John McMillan, Cyril Miller, and Fred Archer were still alive. John died in May 1944 while Cyril died in December 1944.

The original Roll has three red stars alongside the names of John, Cyril, and Doug. It is likely that someone, possible Dorothy May, added the stars when the deaths were known. At the same time, the last two digits were added to indicate the year that the war ended (these two digits, 4 and 5, are a different font and texture to the earlier part of the date). Fred Archer died in Italy in August 1945, three months after VE Day. Roy Herrick’s widow was officially notified of his death in June 1946.  It is likely that the Roll was framed prior to Fred’s death. There is no explanation in the old Wanderlusts of why Fred and Roy’s names lack stars. The 21st birthday issue of Wanderlust (1946) has the five men listed as having died during the war and their names are starred.

The replica of the Roll of Honour that now hangs in Ngaro-te-kotare has been modified to show a red star alongside the names of all five men who died; however the original has not been altered.

Known information about the five ATC members who gave their lives are as follows, with references to  ATC Wanderlust magazines that provided this information is as follows:

1936.  Roy Herrick joins ATC.                                                        Vol.1 No.2
1938.  Fred Archer joins ATC.                                                        Vol.2 No.3 Feb.1938
1939.  John Mc Millan joins ATC.                                                   Vol.3 No.6 June 1939
1940.  Roy Herrick and Dot Blackford married 23/1/40.                 Vol.4 No.2 Jan.1940
1941.   Doug Callow joins ATC.                                                      Vol.5 No6 March 1941
1941.   Roy Herrick missing in Crete.                                             Vol.6 No.2 August 1941
1941.   Cyril Miller married Aug 1941,on final leave.                      Vol.6 No.3 Sept. 1941
1942.   Cyril Miller in Egypt.                                                            Vol.8 No.1 Jan. 1942
1942.    John McMillan in training with Air Force.                           Vol.8 No.1 Jan. 1942
1943.    Sub.Lt. Doug Callow missing believed killed.                    Vol.9 No.5 May 1943
1944.    Roll of Honour given to ATC.                                             Vol.10 No.4 April 1944
1944.    F.O. John McMillan killed on crash landing.                      Vol.10 No.5 May 1944
1944.    Cyril Miller killed in action Italy.                                          Vol.10 No.12 Dec. 1944
1945.    Cyril Miller's wife gifts Ruapehu photo to ATC.                  Vol.11 No.5 May 1945
1945.    Fred Archer posted to Middle East.                                   Vol.11 No.6 June 1945
1945.    Staff Sgt. Fred Archer killed by accident 13/8/45
             Maradi Camp hospital.                                                       Vol.11 No.9 Sept. 1945
1946.    Roy Herrick: widow officially notified of his death on
             Crete 2/6/41.                                                                      Vol.12 No.6 June 1946