Auckland Regional Parks Track Information

Here is a link to the official Auckland Council Regional Parks and tracks information, including track closures - Waitakeres, Hunuas, with all other regional parks linked from there - for each park select the Tracks tab to get information on each track in that park

Waitakere Track Closures

Feb 2018 Storm Update - all tracks in the Cascades area are closed - detailed information here.

The following tracks are to be closed in order to help protect these areas from the spread of kauri dieback disease:

Northern Waitakere Park area

  • Pukematekeo, Peripatus, Anderson, East and West Tunnel Mouth, Filter Track, Waitakere Tramline, Lower Kauri, Wainamu Bush, Robinson Ridge, Waitoru Reserve

Central Waitakere Park area

  • Sharp Bush, Walker Kauri, Goodfellow, Chateau Mosquito, RGB, Ferndown, Taumata, Clark Bush, Browne, Hettig
  • Maungaroa Ridge, McKenzie, Quarry, Pole Line, Forbes, Home, Upper Huia Dam, Christies

Southern Waitakere Park area

  • Lucy Cranwell, Arthur Mead
  • La Trobe (above Taraire Track), Zion Ridge, Nugget, Summit, Nihotupu Ridge, Farley
  • Bob Gordon, Tom Thumb, Tom Thumb By-Pass, Twin Peaks, Kura

There is no information provided by Auckland Council on the expected duration of these closures, or the measures to be taken that could lead to a future reopening

Link to Auckland Council map of Waitakere Tracks with open / closed status

Information relating to the tracks open as a result of the Waitakeres rāhui are as attached on this page. We are very keen to see that Auckland Council and Te Kawerau ā Maki reconcile their differences around specific tracks, and that real progress is visible on the ground in relation to protecting kauri on the tracks that are open now, and could reopen in the future.

Hunuas Track Closures

Auckland Council has defined Kauri Protection zones to protect key areas of Kauri forest within the Hunua Ranges from Kauri Dieback disease. These zones are areas of dense Kauri forest and include tracks where there is a high risk of transfer of the disease onto roots of trackside Kauri.

Kauri protection zones are closed to all public access and will be monitored for both Kauri health and public compliance.

From 1 September 2012, the closure will affect two sections of track:

  • Mangatangi Trig Track, from Workman Road up to the Mangatangi Trig.
  • Workman Track, from Workman Road up to Mt Workman - alternate route via Mangatangi Dam.
  • Tapapakanga Stream Track
  • Colonel Sanders Track

The Mangatangi Trig is still accessible via other tracks, and there is a detour in place for the Workman Track via the Mangatangi Dam face.

View a map of the principal Hunua Track closures.

Mataitai Forest

DOC closed this area in March 2012 — originally this was adbised as temporary, but this now looks like it is permnanent - see here

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