Our club needs people like you to help it function effectively. Please contact Tony Ph 630 2591 / 027 478 5223 or the current person to learn more about these positions

Weekend Day Trips Organiser

Russell Allen has done a sterling job over the last six years organising our Sunday and other weekend day trips, but unfortunately is retiring from this role at the end of this year.

If you are really keen on helping to maintain an exciting and interesting Saturday / Sunday day trips programme, this is just the role for you.

Contact Tony Walton 0274785223 or Andrew Murdoch 021489206 to discuss this role further, and then take time this year working alongside Russell to ensure a smooth transition.

Multi Day Trips Organiser

Margaret Law has now also resigned her position as Multi-Day Trips organiser so that she can take time out to travel, away from the ties of her previous employment.

It is likely that we will take a new approach to this role, focused more on identifying a primary organiser for each planned multi day event, with support from a few people who participate frequently in organising or leading multi-day trips.

If you are keen to be involved in the multi trips planning group, please contact Tony Walton 0274785223 or Andrew Murdoch 021489206 to discuss becoming involved.