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Landsborough Karangarua- Interim Trip - Medium Fit


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Saturday 16 February 2019

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Duration: Saturday 16 February 2019 to Saturday 2 March 2019 (15 days)

This trip involves crossing from the head of Lake Ohau, over Brodrick Pass, via the Landsborough River and Karangarua Valley to the West Coast.

This is a Medium Fit Trip with an interesting climb out of the headwaters of the Landsborough River up the Karangarua Saddle.


Walk up the Hopkins, Huxley , over Brodrick Pass, down into the Landsborough Valley.  3 days

Up the Landsborough River, about 3 days.

Over the Karangarua Saddle. This is the technical bit, the steep route up from the Landsborough has a South Easterly aspect meaning that ice axes and crampons should be carried. 1 day

Down the Karangarua Valley to the road. 2-3 days

This is mostly a camping trip. Once in the Landsborough there are no huts after Creswicke Flat and in the Karangarua the huts are either 4 or 6 bunks.

We are still working on the time frame but it is likely to be about 10 -12 days.

There may be a food drop in the Landsborough by the Medium Interim trip.

Details: Still being finalised - Contact Chris for more information
Dates: Start in the third week of February, date to be confirmed Finish by around March 2nd
Flights: To Christchurch / From Queenstown - dates to be advised
Recommended that you book a changeable flight for the return trip
Transport: Christchurch - Twizel - Intercity - $39 - leave 7.30am
Shuttle from Twizel to the 2 wheel drive gate in the Hopkins $50
Intercity Karangarua to Queenstown, (daily service). $44
Party Size: Maximum 8
Cost: All per person.
Transport See above
Christchurch accom. TBA
Queenstown accom. TBA
Huts - Take around 6 blue hut tickets or an annual hut pass
Gas - Buy in Christchurch before departure
Leader: Chris Burnett 021 143 0676 e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Booking: Contact Chris
Payment: Chris will advise