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Refer to What you need to bring, Pickup Directions and Maps, Trip Emergency / Delay handling and Cleaning Gear

Newcomers - You are very welcome - always phone the leader to confirm this trip is suitable for you

Wednesday 28 November 2018

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Details: We will do Mercer Bay Loop first, then back into cars and drive to South Piha carpark (off Beach Valley Rd) Tasman Lookout, down to coast and around (if tide is low enough) then coast to the North end, Laird Thompson track, Whites Beach and to Fishermans Rock. Return same way.
Low Tide : 9.05am
Leader: Linda Webber, Ph 817 5111
Transport: Car Pool
Destination: End of Log Race Road (off Piha Rd)
Departure: 9:00 am Club garage, 31 Sandringham Rd, Kingsland
9:15 am Gymnasium carpark, Olympic Park, Portage Rd, New Lynn
From each departure point drive directly to the destination
Sandringham Rd vehicles will NOT go via New Lynn
Cost: $10 to drivers.
Note: Shorter/Alternative option available