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Kauri Science Series Talk


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Sunday 10 March 2019

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Auckland Council has scheduled a number of talks in its Kauri Science Series, and you will likely find these interesting

This is a series of talks focussing on the science around kauri dieback, and some of the work going on around New Zealand to find out more about the disease, its impact and tools to fight it.

The location is the Arataki Visitor Centre, 300 Scenic Drive. Talks begin at 10.30am, with morning tea offered from 10am. The event is free, and there is no need to book.

Today's talk is led by Dr Monica Gerth and is entitled "Microbiology and Matauranga: collaborative approaches to kauri dieback disease"

Dr Monica Gerth

Dr Monica Gerth from Victoria University of Wellington researches microbial chemotaxis (how
microbes navigate their environment), microbe-plant interactions, and biodiscovery of new
antimicrobials. A major focus of her lab’s current research is kauri dieback disease and the integration
of Matauranga Maori in our efforts to save these taonga (treasured) trees. Originally from the United
States, Monica immigrated to New Zealand in 2007. She is now a Senior Lecturer in Microbiology at
Victoria University of Wellington.


Find the full timetable on the Our Auckland events page here and more information on the speakers and topics on the Arataki Facebook events page here.