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You are not booked on a trip until you have done all of the following :

1. Contacted the leader and received his / her OK to join the trip

2. Booked in online using the below booking form. Any questions, contact our bookings person on

3. Paid the trip fee into the ATC bank account 02-0100-0024675-000 quoting your name, the trip number and "Weekend"

Friday 19 October 2018

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Labour Weekend
Duration: Friday 19 October 2018 to Monday 22 October 2018 (4 days)
Medium: Saturday: from Mabey Road . Burrill's Track/Route to Tataweka, 526, return. Through Te Paparahi Sanctuary area. Tataweka is Great Barrier Island's second highest point! 360 deg views, on an old road now a track/route. See if you can find a very large totara tree along the way? A longer day with your day pack only - 8 hrs.
Sunday: from Aotea Road. Coopers Castle Track, descend to Kaiarara Track to Forest Road, along road to take Kaiarara Stream-Kiwiriki-Maungapiko Track to Kiwiriki Bay to camp at old campsite near where Kiwiriki Stream enters the bay. 6 hours
Monday: continue on track to high point Maungapiko ,280. On Forest Road for about 1.1 kms, turn south on Withey's Track, south on Tramline Track to junction with Whangaparapara Track to possibly have lunch on Whangaparapara,309. Return to Tramline Track and walk out to Whangaparapara Road . 5 hours.
Leader/ Weekend Co-ordinator: Murray Gifford   ph 021 774 290    email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please phone the leader before making any bookings.
Transport:   Option 1
Sealink: Leaves Friday 8am for Tryphena and returns 3.00pm Monday for Auckland. Ph 0800 732546. $168 peak season weekend  return. Seniors $127 return.  Fares subject to change. If you are catching the ferry when you arrive at Tryphena we could bus the 10km to Medlands or 15km to Claris (approx. $25) or we would need to walk to Medlands via Shoal Bay Road, up Rosalie Bay Road, descend track to Medlands Beach camp to wait for shuttle pick-up 5pm. We have about 4hrs to fill in before busing to camp, there are museums/shops at Claris, somewhat inland or a beach at Medlands.
  Option 2
Barrier Air: from Auckland book your flight Friday so that it arrives no later than 5pm Claris. Return flight Monday to leave after 2.00pm. $89 one-way only or $99 full-flexi one-way only (seats are already noted as near booked out for return flights on the Monday). Fares subject to change.
Shuttles: 1. Friday by Great Barrier Island Buses you will be picked up either at Medlands Camp 5pm or Claris Airport 5.30pm to camp at DOC Whangapoua campsite (40 min drive). Monday afternoon you will be picked up on Whangaparapara Road. southern end Tramline Track 1.30pm (20min drive to Claris if on time). $50 per person for total of two shuttles. Fares subject to change.
2. Saturday morning by Mike Newman (8-9 seater van) you will be picked up from Whangapoua campsite and taken to start of Burrill's Track/Route, picked up late afternoon and return to Whangapoua camp for Saturday night. Sunday morning you will be picked up from camp and taken to start of Coopers Castle Track on Aotea Road. Fares will depend on one or two trips in Mike's van depending on numbers. Expect to pay between $20-$25 per person for total of the three shuttles by Mike.
3. Monday afternoon from Whangaparapara Rd 1.30pm
Camping: Friday and Saturday nights at DOC Whangapoua campsite situated at Okiwi Estuary. $13 per person per night. Please book online yourself.
Note 1: You will need your full pack and a small day pack for this weekend.
Note 2: People flying cannot take gas canisters on the plane, so once the organiser knows whether you are on the ferry or flying, he will ensure that all flyers' gas is carried by ferry passengers. Flyers will need to ensure their gas canisters are provided as directed one week before the departure date.
Note 3: We plan to close off the trip by 30 Sept so that all shuttles can be confirmed.
Note 4: Everything runs to “Barrier Time”, buses and shuttles may not be punctual so leave plenty of spare time if selecting flights.
Booking: Trip Nº 1634
Please quote: Weekend + [your name] + Trip Nº with on-line payments.



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