Choice of 2 weekends -  24-26 March & 7-9 April

Well, it seems we are confronted with a sizeable amount of work to do this time around. Two weekends might not do it!

Rooms 6 and 7 were flooded out during August from a broken plumbing fitting in the ladies shower above. A section of ceiling in room 7 will need replacing.  

A weather tightness issue is showing on an outside wall.

Redesign of the drying room is in the drawing process and outside staining and painting is a never ending job in the alpine environment.

There are also many small items to be attended to.

Transport: Club Bus  Departure: Club garage 7.00pm Friday

Drivers: Jim Morrow and Marilyn Best

Cost: FREE

Book with the leader:   Jim Morrow  Ph 834 4227 or mob 021 264 6085