During May there was an initial planning session involving a number of club members to scope out our intentions for the club trips in the South Island next summer. The following is work in progress , but should give you some ideas as to what could happen. This information will be firmed up duri ng June, and then we can start to take registrations of interest.

General Features

  • Northern part of the South Island – principally Kahurangi
  • Using local shuttles, not the ATC Bus
  • A set of Christmas trips starting Boxing Day and running for up to 2 weeks
    • Fit category – main trip 10 days, possible extras
    • Medium category – a few trips of around 5 days duration, with reprovisioning in between
  • A set of Interim trips starting February 10th and finishing February 24th
    • Fit category – main trip 10 days, possible extras
    • Medium category – a few trips of around 5 days duration, with reprovisioning in between
  • ATC provides overall organisation, manages joint bookings for shuttles, reprovisioning, accommodation, etc, assist with providing track and other information
  • The trip leaders have responsibility for doing the detailed route planning and running of the trip, with their full group providing support for navigation, decision making (for any changes required), strong (financial) encouragement from ATC for each party to have someone with a current basic first aid certificate or more
  • Route planning should preferably allow for some days where the same overnight location is used, with a day trip in the middle / contingency for rain days
  • Trip parties will generally need to take a club radio (for weather forecasts, emergencies), and have 2 PLB’s (utilising club + personal PLB’s as available)

Christmas Trip – Fit / Long

Leader – Kathy Engelbrecht

Dragons Teeth area from Bainham OR Anatoki through to Cobb Valley, with various side options as a follow up.

Note – 3 years ago this was run from Bainham to Fenella Hut, Lockett Range, then Mt Arthur Tableland and the Arthur Range

Possible route ? – Kathy to assess and decide

          Bainham – Brown Cow to Boulder Lake

                    OR Anatoki River to Boulder Lake Hut (check track state for treefalls / slips)

                    OR Anatoki River to Adelaide Tarn via Yuletide Peak

          Adelaide Tarn (two nights?), Lonely Lake Hut, Fenella Hut (multi nights)

          Reprovision / exit from Trilobite Hut road end ?

          Could get a drop off at the track to Riordans Hut, Lake Stanley, Soper tent camp, Anatoki Forks Hut ??

          OR go up onto the Mt Arthur Tableland with a number of options from there, exiting either via Flora Saddle or the Wangapeka Track (eastern end)

Christmas Trip – Medium

Leader – TBA, Tony is available

Trip 1 – St Arnaud Range via Hamilton River (4 nights) – St Arnaud

Trip 2 – Lakehead Hut, Hopeless Hut, Sunset Saddle, camp, Angelus Hut, St Arnaud (4 nights)

Trip 3 – Sunrise Peak Route to Mt Owen through to Courthouse Flat (3-4 nights)

Interim Trip – Fit / Long

Leader – Andrew Murdoch

Lake Matiri through to Baton Saddle, possibly via Larrikin Creek Hut / 100 Acre Plateau, Matiri Range, Wangapeka Saddle, Stone Hut (reprovision), Mt Luna, Mt Patriarch, Mt Gomorrah, Mt Sodom, Baton Saddle, Flanagans Hut, Baton River to Baton Valley Rd

Interim Trip – Medium

Leader – TBA, Tony might be available

Trip 1 – Lake Matiri Hut (leave food for reprovision), Larrikin Creek Hut area (2+ nights), back to Matiri Hut

Trip 2 – head north to McConchies Hut, Hurricane Hut, camp on tops?, Wangapeka Saddle, Stone Hut (reprovision), Mt Luna Day trip, possible walk out / in

Trip 3 – Wangapeka Saddle, Biggs Tops to Trevor Carter, Venus, Karamea Bend, Salisbury Lodge / Gridiron , Flora Saddle

Please email Tony This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for questions, other suggestions and useful information.