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Newcomers - You are very welcome - always phone the leader to confirm this walk is suitable for you

Remember to bring the advertised fare in cash with you on the walk

Saturday 19 October 2019

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Details: While we wait for more of the Hunuas tracks to be reopened, we still have some other options that we don’t often explore
Fit: This reaches Kohukohunui from the western side, via Lilburne Rd, then the Mangatangi Ridge and Upper Mangatawhiri Tracks, before returning down Lilburne Rd. A chance to see some interesting central Hunuas tracks and the opportunity for some great Hunuas views. Duration 7 hours.
Leader: Simon Rainger, Ph 575 4969
Easy/Medium: From the Upper Mangatawhiri Dam, walk along Waterline Rd and up the hill (past the Ernies Track turnoff), then pick up the Mangatawhiri Challenge Track and follow that through to Repeater Rd. From there take the Wairoa Loop Track down the hill to the Moumoukai / Otau Rd corner. Check out the nearby Suspension Bridge .
Leader: Russell Allen 021 0480380
Transport: Club bus   Driver: Larry Beard
Destination: Carpark on ARA Drive near the Upper Mangatawhiri Dam
Departure: 8:00 am Club garage, 31 Sandringham Rd, Kingsland
  8.15 am Marewa Rd, Greenlane, behind Countdown
Cost: $10 members, $15 non members
Note: Early start and late finish