report 2013 05 31 Lake Waikaremoana Finished Business 5Our multiday tramps are justifiably proving very popular, but in trying to be fair to everyone, we face a few challenges. In order to give as many people as possible the opportunity to join a trip, please …..


1.     Before booking into a trip, read the details carefully to ensure they match your availability and expectations.

2.     Check out the details yourself – look at maps, read reports online.

3.     If you are unsure about whether the trip suits you, do discuss it carefully with the leader … before you book.

4.     Pay as soon as you book – remember that you are not a confirmed trip member until you have paid.

5.     If the trip is full and you are on the waiting list, do expect that a place might come available and be ready if you are contacted at the last minute – if you arrange something else, please advise the leader / booking email that you can be removed from the waiting list.

6.     If you do need to pull out for unexpected reasons, please advise the leader and the bookings email IMMEDIATELY – others will be waiting, keen to take your place, but not if they are told on the afternoon of the trip departure.


In December the committee decided that the automatic trip refund period will change from 2 days before to 7 days before. If you need to cancel nearer to the trip departure date than 7 days, you need to apply via email or letter to the committee, describing why you needed to cancel.



Note that as usual, if you cancel from a trip where we have already paid money on your behalf to other organisations, we may not be able to refund you that cost if we cannot find a substitute trip member and the other organisation does not provide a refund to us.