images/atc/wanderlust/IMG_20190911_093119The Wanderlust is the club's monthly newsletter providing future trip details, news and trip reports.

Please email your contributions for the magazine to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with "Wanderlust" in the subject line.

Trip reports (maximum length 1500 words) and photos are welcome

Here is the printing and distriubution schedule for the next few months

Publication Schedule

October  - submissions close Friday 20th September

November - submissions close Friday 18th October

December - submissions close Friday 15th November


Here are the instructions for printing the Wanderlust magazine as an A5 booklet

FileFile sizeDownloads
Download this file (Wanderlust October 2019 Trips.pdf)October 2019 Trips Only964 kB26
Download this file (Wanderlust October 2019.pdf)October 20193203 kB48
Download this file (September 2019 Trips Only.pdf)September 2019 Trips Only931 kB61
Download this file (September 2019.pdf)September 20193243 kB127
Download this file (Wanderlust August 2019 Trips.pdf)August 2019 Trips Only885 kB58
Download this file (Wanderlust August 2019.pdf)August 20192931 kB114
Download this file (Wanderlust July 2019 Trips.pdf)July 2019 Trips Only748 kB68
Download this file (Wanderlust July 2019.pdf)July 20193746 kB201
Download this file (Wanderlust June 2019 v3.pdf)June 20194380 kB288
Download this file (Wanderlust June 2019 Trips.pdf)June 2019 Trips Only847 kB71
Download this file (Wanderlust May 2019 Trips.pdf)May 2019 Trips Only1011 kB92
Download this file (Wanderlust May 2019.pdf)May 20194115 kB243
Download this file (Wanderlust April 2019 Trips.pdf)April 2019 Trips Only674 kB86
Download this file (Wanderlust April 2019.pdf)April 20192955 kB215