We are now requesting nominations for your committee for the coming year. Participation in committee affairs provides a great insight into the decisions that we must constantly make as a club, and the greater the level of interest and thought we have, the better we are able to make the best possible decisions for our members.

This year will be especially interesting as we cease operating ATC SnowSports Lodge, and focus on ensuring our activities and finances are as appropriate as possible for our current and future membership.

If you are interested, please discuss with any of the current committee members how best you could fit in. Please provide the following information and send it to the ATC Secretary at PO Box 2358, Shortland St, Auckland 1140 or via email toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  before May 18th.

The information required is

  1. Name of person to be nominated
  2. Position nominated for - president, secretary, treasurer, transport officer, trips oifficer, huts officer, and at least 2 General Committee
  3. Who is nominating this person
  4. Approval is required from the person being nominated

We have six committee meetings per year where we review results and events, approve expenditure, and direct the ATC along a path best suited to our members. We are always keen to listen to people with new ideas – so here is your chance!

A significant part of the routine committee communication is via email, so that the meetings themselves have time to focus on the key issues of the day. Your contribution is important!!

Consider who you think would make a valuable committee member and approach them to see if they will accept nomination - or don’t be shy - offer your own services and volunteer for committee yourself.