The Western Springs College Tramping Club (WSCTC) is a parent organised group of students from Western Springs College who regularly get out and about on fun tramping trips.

They are an affiliated organisation to the ATC, meaning that we treat them as members when they join us on some of our trips, and we also provide advice on all matters tramping when needed.

Last year they joined us on a number of our trips, including Golides Bush / Te Henga, Ngatuhoa Lodge, and an overly snowbound trip to Mt Ruapehu. It is great having a bunch of such enthusiastic budding trampers on our trips !

They also organise their own multi day trips, such as to Dalys Clearing Hut in the Kaimais.

This year they were out in force on our summer Pararaha Stream trip, and expect to be joining us for our May weekend trip in the Waikato.

Later in March they are running their own weekend away, staying at the Whatipu Caves campground, serving as a good introduction for new members they have acquired this year.

Recently one of their senior members, Max Truell, set up a stand at the College's familiarisation day for new students (see the picture), and signed up 33 new members, including one teacher ! 

There is more information and photos from their activities on the WSCTC Facebook page