This is how it is shaping up at present, but there is opportunity for you to suggest different trips / options as well – contact Tony to discuss. A key area to coordinate where possible is the transport arrangements – various options being considered.

Christmas Trips

From around Dec 27 onwards

Full Dusky Track – Lake Hauroko, Supper Cove, Manapouri

More relaxed Dusky Track, missing Supper Cove

Followed by - 5 Passes – starting from the eastern end of the Routeburn Track

Organisers                 Robin Houston, Tony Walton

Interim Trips

From around Feb 16 onwards

Fit – Huxley – Broderick Pass – Landsborough – Karangarua Saddle and Valley – Chris Burnett

Medium Fit – Clarke Valley – Marks Flat – Solution Range – Landsborough …. followed by some more west coast tramping, such as the length of the Copland Valley as far as the Pass and back again – and then other west coast options as interest determines – Christine Major, Tony Walton

Medium Easy – Huxley and Hopkins exploring (above Lake Ohau), as planned but not executed a couple of years ago – Leader required

Safari Trip

Planning is underway for a Safari at the start of March travelling from Christchurch to Queenstown, with multi night stops (and options for some overnight trips) based at Mt Somers, Mt Cook Village, Omarama and Wanaka.

Organisers - Ian and Anna Roberts

Please email Tony This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for questions, other suggestions and useful information.