After the previous DOC visitor centre in Quay Street went AWOL late last year, we were left wondering how it was considered possible for Auckland based people needing information on the DOC managed estate were to be supported. There was a location in Parnell that provided some part time assistance, and we learned through the grapevine that Bivouac can now sell annual hut passes, as well as hut tickets.

The DOC website wasn’t too helpful, other than advising us of a Wellington office that could (very efficiently as it proved) provide annual hut passes. But an Auckland TC member having to use a Wellington issued hut pass was a bit beyond the pale …. !

Anyway, the good news is that there is now a new DOC visitor centre in Auckland not far from where the old one was, on Princes Wharf, just past the Crab Shack, facing eastwards towards the Ferry Building. Two very friendly DOC staff are there, keen to ensure they help you to be prepared for your next trip.