The Waikato Tramping Club have advised that there are a few places available on their scheduled trip to Kyrgyzstan - but be in quick if you are interested. Please note the fitness requirements, and that Stephen has been advised to check with you and the ATC as to your capability to do the trip successfully, based on your recent ATC trip involvement.

Here are the details as provided by Stephen Prendergast:

"I have been working with other members of the Waikato TC to put together a trip to Central Asia, following my 6 month cycle trip through that area in 2014.

Due to financial and medical reasons we've got some spare spaces and wondered if you would consider adding a paragraph to Wanderlust to inform your members that they would be welcome to join us. We currently have a party of 5 and would like to get that to 8.

I see you have a few trips overseas at that time but well patronised so may have some looking for an alternate destination.

Join WTC in Kyrgyzstan from 3 August - 14 September.

The Pamirs and Tian Shain (Tien Shan) are 2 significant mountain ranges in Central Asia accessible from Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan and encompassing Tajikistan and China. Amongst the acres of untouched wilderness are peaks above 5000M - with great alpine expanses in the 2000 – 3000m range. It is an historic and educative destination befitting its place in history.

Central Asia is inherently safe - although pockets of conflict can arise in localised regions. It’s regarded as very safe for foreigners and extremely welcoming - with a developing tourist itinerary. Being further East in August and September you'll see the change of seasons from a northern Summer to Autumn where the temperature comes back from 40°C to more a manageable 25 - 30°C and cooler alpine surrounds.

The trip programme is based around a series of 10 -14 day expeditions \with a mix of walking, culture and history - using a combination of 3 star accommodation in cities, home-stays and hostels in the smaller villages - with potential to camp when in the mountains.

Arriving via  China there are opportunities to expand your own itinerary on the way or heading home. There are plans to spend some time at the end of the itinerary exploring Buhkara and Samarqand - 2 exquisite Uzbek cities.

Costs are settling at $USD3500 - 4000. for all of it - excluding airfare.


  1. TURKESTAN TREK  - 4390 metres. Reasonable fitness required.6-7 hours walking daily. 800-1000 metres daily altitude gain. Some steep passes but not technically difficult.  Horse -assisted and trekkers carry a day pack only.  Possible use of light crampons if hard snow present.
  2. LENIN PEAK BASE CAMP - 5100 metres.  The most challenging trek with two trekkers peaks (if fancied).  Porters carry the group gear and again you carry a day pack.  Average walking hours per day 7-8.  Daily height gain 700-1000 metres.  Light crampons on summit days.
  3. KARAKOL TREK - 3860 metres. Same criteria as the Turkestan trek but possibly the "easiest" option of the 3 treks.  Porters instead of horses.

Further information can be found by plugging into your favourite search engine or by contacting me on email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..