As usual there will be no club night in January because of summer tramping.

And because of more summer tramping trips in the South Island, there will be no club night in February either.

Looking ahead to April, the normal date of April 18 falls at the start of the Easter break, so the April club night will be one week earlier than usual on Thursday April 11th.

Lined up for next year's club nights already are the following :

Thursday 21 March - Barbara Tokley telling us about trekking in Ethiopia

Thursday 11 April - ATC Christma and Interim Trips presentations - how did the exciting plans work out in reality ?

Thursday 16 May - An account of the ATC Nepal expedition of Oct-Nov 2018, led by Jim Morrow

Thursday 20 June - AGM and the ATC Hawaii trip

If you have suggestions about interesting or fun club night topics, please contact Chris Burnett - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.