Tony has been President for the last six years, whereas since 1978 the usual term has been 2 to 3 years.

It is good for the health of the club to change the person at the helm regularly, so now is a chance for you to take on this very important role for the club.

So what does the ATC President do?

1.   The President is the public face of the Committee and the Club – by virtue of being in the position, you will at times get asked for comment on issues of the day.

2.   All decisions of note are taken during Committee meetings or via email correspondence with the Committee.

3.   With the assistance of the Secretary, leading the committee meetings (6 per year).

4.   A key skill with Committee leading that is needed only occasionally is ensuring that on important topics there is a consensus view within the Committee.

5.   Supporting and encouraging all club officers to ensure they are happy with their role, and that administration effort is kept to a minimum.

6.   You are one of the people who is able to authorise bank payments each month, following Committee approval – this is a mechanical requirement of how we operate our BNZ bank account.

7.   Encouraging and leading discussions on the future of the club’s operation, administration and finances – there is no hiding that we are in challenging times.

Fun to do, but strictly not a president’s responsibility:

  • Trip organisation
  • Trip leading
  • Conservation work
  • Website maintenance
  • Running our Meetup group
  • Fielding queries from potential new members
  • Being the main liaison between ATC and Western Springs College TC
  • Being the official representative to every organisation we are affiliated to

Ladies especially are encouraged to apply as since 1978 we have only had lady presidents for 5 years (Sue Webb – 3, Sharon Walt – 2).

The first year will be a transitional one – the FMC does it well having an official executive position of Immediate Past President – so that the incoming president is well supported and the history of ongoing issues is available. So Tony will remain on the Committee for some time.

And of course you will be fully supported by the other very able and experienced Committee members.

The major challenges we face at the moment are:

  • Reshaping our Day Trips Programme in the light of the large amount of kauri related track closures;
  • Recruiting and retaining new members, so our active membership grows. We also will assign / appoint a Committee position to have primary responsibility for Membership Development.

Could this be you?

If interested please contact Tony to discuss – phone 630 2591 or 027 478 5223, or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Or to suggest someone else you think would be ideal and we could shoulder tap ...