The committee has now reviewed the draft of the annual financial reports which are now being financially reviewed.

Along with the annual reports from the club officers, these will be compiled over the next few weeks into the annual reports booklet that will be sent out or made available at the same time as the June Wanderlust. Look out for the availability of the reports in a month’s time, and ensure you do take the time to review where we are at.

Overall the club is in strong financial health, with the resources available to support the essentials of how we operate. As a result, we are not proposing any changes this year to trip costs, membership subscriptions, or printed mail charges.

Two key areas for focus now are reviewing all the many ways that we use to attract and retain members, and how we breathe new life into our Saturday / Sunday day trips programme.

At the beginning of June we will start a membership brainstorming process, and everyone with thoughts on the topic is encouraged to take part – either via coming to sessions as they get scheduled, or dropping your thoughts in an email to us.

There are some changes underway following the imminent retirement of Margaret Law and Russell Allen from their trip organising positions. See the advertisements for those of you who appreciate the significance of these activities, and seriously ask yourself how you can assist to ensure that as a club we have a great trips schedule on offer to members and non-members.

My role is still up for grabs too – so do come forward to take a lead role in reshaping Auckland Tramping Club as we overcome the challenges we have faced over recent years.

You are not a president type? Neither am I, as I told Graeme McGowan, our previous president, in 2013 – it just needs someone who is keen to make decisions, get things done, and then get on to the real business of tramping.

Tony Walton