There continues to be a significant amount of discussion, correspondence and meetings arising from track closures and kauri forest management and what should be done over the coming years … and decades … about it all.

Recently we have provided significant submissions to Auckland Council on their proposed Waitakeres track plan, and to the National Kauri Dieback Programme in relation to round 3 of their consultation on the proposed Kauri Long Term Management Plan. As an affiliated organisation to the Auckland Track Users Forum we have been involved with their submission to Auckland Council, as well as being in discussions with the NZ Recreation Association, Friends of Regional Parks and FMC. And there are other individuals and groups whose views all need to be listened to and considered.

There is of course no universally agreed obvious path forward, but it is important for us all to keep on listening and thinking, while knowing that long term there has been a momentous degradation in the local recreation facilities available for Aucklanders. And everyone’s views are important, so do take advantage of all opportunities to listen and participate in meetings and other consultation events.

The Kauri Science Series continues to provide interesting information and discussions with scientists who are working on the topic – the next talk on April 14th is being presented by Dr Amanda Black, entitled “Forest fragmentation and land use changes: how these affect the survival and virulence of kauri dieback”.

It has been a great summer so far for our tramping and cycling trips, and as we go to Press, the very successful Safari trip, including a great contingent for the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club is wrapping up in Wanaka and Queenstown. Do come to our club night in April to hear about and see what the Christmas and Interim trips have achieved.

We have had to delay the 90th birthday party for NTK Hut on account of only a few people checking in for the day, presumably because this part of the year is now so “cluttered” with people travelling in all directions. There is however an orienteering day at NTK led by Sue Grant on May 5th, and we hope to also organise a mid-winter Christmas function at the hut. For that to happen we need some volunteer organisers – please contact me to get this underway as soon as possible.

In our club email sent out recently we are requesting people to book in as soon as they can for two trips especially – Easter Ruahines and Queens Birthday Matemateaonga. It really helps our trip organisation if we can get a good idea of trip numbers for the more complex trips early.

Speaking of which – I see Andrew Murdoch now has a request out for ideas for Christmas and Interim trips 2019-2020. Barring any other decisions we will be targeting the middle part of the South Island, east or west, so start checking out maps and guides and your Must Do list to provide suggestions for what we could schedule in. We will organise a meeting in the not too distant future to get things underway. In the meantime send your ideas to Andrew at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There is always something coming up to look forward to.

Tony Walton