There continue to be a series of public meetings and consultations around the protection of our kauri forests.

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That website also has a wealth of information resulting from kauri related research. We continue to be keen to participate in future consultation and decision making, knowing that this is now a long term activity.

And we are keen to ensure that current and proposed measures are in fact scientifically justified and are the best possible given the outcomes that people would like to see. Will the new super cleaning stations work, are the right chemicals being used this time, will track metalling and boardwalks make a difference? And so importantly – will there be forested hilly options available for future Auckland recreation users?

Refer to the article on page 10 where Auckland Council Parks Management are now seeking support from volunteers to assist with making tracks kauri safe – the more we can help them over the coming months and years, hopefully the sooner some of these tracks will be open again. Please assist if you are able and have the time.

We are an affiliated member of the Auckland Track Users Forum that is trying to work with Auckland Council to represent the interests of Auckland recreation users. Affiliated groups include tramping clubs, Meetup groups, and other Auckland recreational groups.

The forum has a Facebook page (of the same name) where updates are regularly posted on related matters – if you are a Facebook user, do join the group, so that you can receive these updates directly as they occur.

I am now away on the ATC trip to Hawaii hosted by the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club. I am sure we will be keen to present an account of our trip to a future club night in due course.

Tony Walton