It was helpful at our November club night to provide an update to members on the progress of the disposal mission for ATC SnowSports Lodge. None of us really want to have to do this, but the writing has been on the wall for this for many years now, with there being no resolution in sight to the lack of significant usage of the Lodge by our members. By initiating this process, your committee has accepted their responsibility to act for the long term benefit and in the interests of our club members.

To recap, we are in the disposal process because the volunteer time requirements to maintain and operate the Lodge successfully are significant, and because the financial commitments we are carrying are a significant operational risk. The current projection for this financial year is that we will make a cash loss on the Lodge after a few years of being in a breakeven situation.

The positive news is that we have an enthusiastic group of school principals from schools in the Taupo and Turangi areas who are keen to take on management of a facility that they consider they will use extensively throughout the year. Their combined school role is over 3000, and with that also comes great links into their local communities to enable a good pool of expertise and interest in supporting their use of the Lodge.

From a club perspective this will provide great certainty that the long term future of the Lodge will be secure, and that it will provide a great introduction to the outdoors for generation after generation of young New Zealanders.

Our summer tramping programme is extensive … in fact  … we now have a very full programme all through next year to suit a wide range of abilities and inteests. So do stay fit and use each day or weekend trip you go on to sustain and improve your fitness for the next trip. Encorage others who are embarking on their tramping journey – with club trips we provide so much more variety, experience and support than people can acquire on their own.

Thanks !

Tony Walton