A brief note this month as I am wandering off today on our Interim trip, after being grounded in Auckland since December as a result of a finger infection.

The Auckland outdoor situation is what is called “dynamic”, as discussions continue between a number of parties as to how to best manage the Waitakeres for the future. The recent major flood damage in the Cascades area has caused additional closures, so if you are planning on joining our day trips, do watch out for any late running changes that I have added to the website this week. If in doubt, call the leader, as while Fay and I are away, no further website updates will be made until our return.

See here for information relating to Outdoor Training NZ – a reconstituted organisation following the demise of MSC training courses. Navigation and river crossing are basic skills that all trampers need, so we are reinstating our 50% subsidy programme for all club members, and would encourage you to take advantage of this. From time to time on our trips everyone needs to contribute to the decision making for how to handle the unexpected, so these courses should give you the confidence to take an active part.

The ATC SnowSports Lodge transfer process is still on course, with a number of pieces to the puzzle expected to fall into place over the next month. There has been an offer to team up with other clubs to provide alternative accommodation for those of you who continue to be interested in staying on the mountain, so watch this space. A reminder about the Lodge Farewell trip from March 23-25.

Our weather continues to be very variable, so do continue to watch the weather forecast and revise your trip intentions accordingly.

Tony Walton