After a Coromandel weekend warm-up in December, our summer tramping continued with a hiss and a roar immediately following Christmas, with two versions of the Dusky Track completed successfully. This was followed immediately by a 5 Passes trip and a Mavora / Greenstone / Caples trip which also both completed successfully, despite being challenged with a day or two of heavy rain and flooded rivers. Proving how important it is to belong to a club where the collective skills and experience of each group were brought into play to ensure that some great tramping was achieved despite the at times dangerous conditions.

Last year I was one of several people from around the country interviewed for an article in the Dominion / Christchurch Press entitled “Death of the club? “ – I don’t think it reached the Herald and I can’t find it online, but I can share the hardcopy version if you are interested. The key message is that generally club membership is in decline, but there are still strong reasons to belong to a club – as we have illustrated over the last month. And our club social life needs attention too for those of our membership for whom the rough and tumble of the Fiordland mountains are regrettably now just an unforgettable memory.

The multi day trips programme has a lot to offer over the coming months – South Island West Coast, Mt Hikurangi, Ruahines, White Island / Bay Of Plenty, and the Whanganui / Matemateonga walkway and cycling trips. Do ensure the dates of these are in your calendar and you can be a member of another superb 2019 trip. And better still, put your hand up to become one of our respected band of leaders or drivers.

Russell Allen and Linda Webber are now mapping out their day trips programme for the next few months. They are especially keen to hear from people who can lead trips, ranging from some of the shorter introductory walks through to some of our classic day walks.

In the immediate future, Russell needs a leader for Mt Te Aroha on Saturday February 23rd – until the southern motorway widening work is complete (at least) we are trialling scheduling some of our popular southern tramps on Saturdays rather than Sundays – do watch out for those in our Activities Calendar.

Enjoy the warmer weather and longer daylight hours!

Tony Walton