As we move into the silly season where there is always so much to do in so little time before Christmas, please make sure you take time to :

Register for the Veterans Christmas Function and / or the full club Christmas dinner and movie
In preparation for some great summer tramping check your gear is up to scratch, continue your fitness training, pack well, check your travel bookings, and ensure you are familiar with all the arrangements for the trip
Prepare your well deserved end of year break with friends and family !

A reminder that the ATC Facebook page now allows anyone to post information to it, including photos of all those great trips we run. As a Facebook user, you can register to be a member of the Auckland Tramping Club. If you notice anything of questionable relevance to the ATC on our Facebook page, please let us know immediately.

Please ensure that your posts relate to the outdoor activities of the ATC, and that if you are posting photos for a trip, that you are quite selective, and don’t double up with any other photos already there.

Thanks !

Tony Walton