Queens Birthday Weekend Trip - Friday 3 June 2016 to Monday 6 June 2016 (4 days)

Photo Gallery    Feiyan Zhong

   05/06/2016 Cape Brett
   06/06/2016 Cape Brett Track

A very successful and enjoyable trip that went pretty much to plan.

On the Saturday we did the Whangamumu trip in good, cool weather, taking about 5 hours. There were some good views and a pleasant stop for lunch at Te Toroa Bay. It was a rocky area, with rock pools and wonderfully rounded waves catching various shades of light in the sun.

Back at the campsite there was plenty of time for talk, to explore up the road and prepare supper. Camp site had a room with a working stove that proved useful.

Next day we were up early to catch water taxi, getting our feet wet as we climbed in off the beach. The taxi bumped around and shook us about and was sort of fun. On arrival at the light house bunk house it was a free day, however most followed Margaret off to climb Rataumangamanga peak 362m which required some bush bashing. The three to four hour expedition was extended by at least an hour by taking a short cut back.

On the Monday we followed the roller coaster Cape Brett track back to the bus, with a short diversion down to Deep Water Cove. We arrived back at the bus quicker than expected by 2.30pm, partly due to a smart get away after putting the hut to rights.

Throughout the weather was good for tramping and things went smoothly throughout.

Scribe: Russell Allen