Day Trip - Sunday 10 October 2010

An opportunity for some kayaking fun at Karaka, with a little professional instruction thrown in.

After a big high tide, the water rushes out to the Manukau Harbour, over estuary rocks near Karaka. White-water waves form past the bridge and there is a good fast flow under the bridge to practise kayaking on as well.

Twenty of us started very early to allow the beginners some flat-water introduction, before the tide turned. We saw some interesting techniques for trying to stay upright, and many people explored the local bays. A lovely spot. Most people had had enough after a few hours which left six diehards to get instruction from Ian Mercer on white-water technique. A valuable training session and a great learning curve, especially for Jonty, who did his first-time training in a very tippy boat. He just kept climbing back on like the battery toy that didn’t stop!

Special thanks to Ian for his instruction, Mike and Jackie for helping the beginners, and all those who lent their kayaks. The afternoon couldn’t have happened without you. The money raised for WCMC (Waitemata Canoe and Multisport Club) will assist in repairing/upgrading their gear. The only injury was the big tall bloke (aka Brent) who fell on the slippery rocks and damaged his knee. He sat down and promptly passed out, needing to be put in the recovery position in the mud. He was sent home to rest, but against orders turned up later to help clean the gear. Naughty!!

Leader/Scribe: Carol Exton

With: Ian Mercer, Mike, Jackie Hillman, Geoff Fischer, Kay Willcocks, Jonty, Sue, Leon, Allison, Tony, Hiria, Tina & Lindsay Jacques, Mary Louise, Jeannine, Bridget, Clare, Kathy Engelbrecht, Brent Rose