Sunday 18 October 2015

The president’s address is available here.

Over one hundred present and past members were there for the occasion, to chat to new and old friends, for the very well catered "bring a plate" afternoon tea, and to view photo archives from our first 90 years - both on display on the walls, and in a rolling slide show.

The Arataki Visitors Centre proved a fitting location for our 90th anniversary, being located as it is in the Waitakere Ranges - the home of Auckland Tramping.

This is the whole group that attended the function - it was easy organising the day - quite a lot harder to get everyone in the right photos !

A younger group:














Our older members - just think how many trips they collectively have done with the club ! .Keith Williamson (seated mid left), first tramped with the club in 1945.














And this group somewhere in between:















There is also another photo of around 10 members present who have been awarded their 50 year boots, to celebrate their 50 years’ continuous membership of the ATC. We will add this here as soon as we can.