Hihi Trig & Kauaeranga Valley

Sunday 4th October 2009

This would have been a superb trip if there had been less mud and less rain. View from Kaitarakihi Trig - White cloud
As it was, the long trip had a 14-km, 7-hr slog in (almost) thigh-deep mud with horizontal rain that did not help to wash it off at all, but ensured we stayed thoroughly soaked throughout. There were great views on both sides of the ridge, just a pity we didn't see any of it. The swamp section at the top lived up to its name, with several of us struggling in the muck and the odd near-face plant for extra measure. Billy Goat Track was a joy to behold for the last 30 minutes, raised and firm for the feet and a quick jog down at the very end. All participants will have had serious laundry challenges the next day.

A special welcome to two potential new ATC members, Michael and Jeremy. As they appeared to survive this trip intact, I believe they will be capable of any other ATC ventures. Well done under great adversity.

View of Hihi Swamp - Brown muck

We were: Brent Rose (leader - he should have known better, he had done this trip before! PS: He still thinks it was a superb trip, poor deluded chap), Carol Exton (scribe), Tina Jacques, Geoff Fischer, Mark McClean, Michael Turner, Jeremy Wilson.