By Russell Allen

Southern Coromandel 01Early in 2018 the club discussed how to alleviate the problems arising from losing so many day tramps in the Waitakeres and Hunuas, and considered the possibility of running 2-day tramps consecutively on the Saturday and the Sunday so as to make it reasonable to travel further. This was not the same as multiday tramps where you need to carry all your own gear, so campsites were needed over the Saturday night, accessible to the bus.


The first of these occurred at the end of September 2018 and was to the Tangihua Forest and Mt Tutamoe.


Southern Coromandel 02The latest, almost exactly a year later was to the South Coromandel crossing from the Maratoto Rd to the Wentworth Valley on the Saturday, and exploring up the Wharekirauponga Valley on the Sunday. It was the sixth such 2-day event.


At the first, to the Dargarville area, we had 14 participants and considered it highly successful. We had good weather and the walks were stunning, and largely new to club members.


But they have grown in success, for on this trip to South Coromandel there were 29 participants, the weather was great and both walks most enjoyable.


The Saturday walk, up the Wires track and across into the Wentworth Valley, about 5 hours, had variety and ended passing the impressive Wentworth falls.


Southern Coromandel 03On the Sunday the walk was shorter but great value in splendid sunshine with the opportunity to explore either mine tunnels or down under the footbridge across the stream.


A very enjoyable trip.