Special Trip - Saturday 20th February 2010

Running in the Taupo Great Lake Relay 100 km Solo Event (yes, that's a relay of 1 person).

Three deranged ATC members completed the Taupo 100-km solo event on Saturday 20 February. Starting at midnight they ran/walked 4 x 25 km circuits from the Taupo town centre, past the airport and return. Hard surfaces and hot weather took their toll, but the three came out of it relatively unscathed. One goal was to see if their 2009 Oxfam time of 17¼ hrs could be broken. It was. Definitely!
Results in order of youthfulness:

Brent Rose 12 hrs 24 mins

Whinging prior to the race that he hadn’t trained enough and had running shoes full of sand. Why did he need to take a whole day off work to pack a tee-shirt, shorts and shoes? Imagine how fast he could go if he got organised properly!

Carol Exton 14 hrs 34 mins

Resolved to fixing problems of last year so ate prunes, bran muffins and whole corn during race. After the hoped-for lightening of load occurred, surged forward on new expensive shoes.

Jim Morrow 15 hrs 32 mins

Found the road a bit hard on his feet, continuing on with blisters. A legend! Rather different from Himalayan climbing, Jim

Special Thanks

Thanks to the hardworking support team of Leonie Morrow, Geoff Fischer and Kay Willcocks, bearers of food drink and comfort. We couldn't have done it without you.

We were: Runners Jim Morrow, Carol Exton, Brent Rose and support crew Leone Morrow, Geoff Fischer and Kay Willcocks