Extended Trip - Saturday 2 March 2019 to Saturday 16 March 2019 (15 days) - Supplement

By Diana Greig

I have been asked to add a bit to Teresa's very comprehensive report from the point of view of a "day tripper". We had decided to keep life simple by leaving our tents, sleeping mats etc at home. (We had planned to do the very special tramp to overnight at Mueller Hut but a storm put paid to that.) However, we had a whole lot of wonderful tramps to enjoy while the more intrepid in the party headed for the hills. Unencumbered, we positively skipped and frolicked our way through some of New Zealand's best scenery, all warm and golden with autumn. (So different from the North Island's green on greens.)

Barbara, Hazel and Tammy at Manuka Hut

A highlight was a tramp into Manuka Hut where we found the musterers' names recorded by the door for each autumn muster (but couldn't find any manuka).

Kathy, Tammy and Karen

We strolled around pretty Lake Emma looking at the black swans.

Anna counting her chicks at Lake Emma hut

Hazel and Phyllis at the Clay Cliffs

Some visited the Clay Cliffs while we had a our own special visit to a high country sheep station owned by a relative.

Thanks to Anna and Ian's superb planning, and their support crew of Jim and Rudy, there was something for everyone to enjoy. And the balance of ten Kiwis and ten Hawaiians was just perfect. We were thrown together every day in Big Blue, made lots of friends and a genuinely happy time was had by all!

Photo- Ian and Jim working out where we were going

Photo - Ian pointing out the view before it disappeared again (with Diana, Rudy and Karen)

Photo - Gayle listening attentively to Owen (a.k.a. Yoda)