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NE Tararua Forest Park - Extended Anniversary Weekend

You MUST obtain approval from the leader before booking this trip. They'll give you the trip code - without the correct code your booking will be rejected.

Be sure you know everything you need to know before booking this trip - the booking process, the gear you need, departure point, emergencies, tramp grading description. See the Multiday Tramp info page.

Only ATC members can book a trip up to 3 weeks before a trip commences. After that time, non-member bookings may be accepted.

Friday 26 January 2024

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A seldom-visited area for the Club, trips commencing from the pleasant Kiriwhakapapa campsite heading to the Waingawa River area with some Tararua tops for the Medium Fit group.


Friday drive from Auckland, camp Kiriwhakapapa campsite.

Saturday up and over Blue Range with a side trip to Blue Range Hut to camp/stay at Cow Creek Hut (standard, 6 bunks), nicely situated in a beech glade on the Waingawa River, 6hrs.

Sunday day walk down the Waingawa Valley to Mitre Flats Hut, return to Cow Creek, 7hrs.

Monday return to Kiriwhakapapa campsite via Blue Range, camp. 6hrs.

Tuesday return to Auckland.

Leader and Booking Details at this website link 

Medium Fit

Friday drive from Auckland, walk from Kiriwhakapapa campsite to Blue Range Hut (standard, 4 bunks) 1.5+hrs.

Saturday Continue over the Blue Range to Cow Creek Hut, then along the sidle track to Arete Forks Hut (standard, 6 bunks) 8+hrs.

Sunday climb the ridge south of the hut to point 1478, then stay on the tops over Brockett, Mitre and Peggys Peak, then pick up the track down to Mitre Flats Hut (standard TBC 14 bunks) 8+hrs. (In suitable conditions, also peak bag Girdlestone)

Monday take track alongside the Waingawa River to Cow Creek Hut then up to Blue Range Hut (standard, 4 bunks) 6 hrs or return to Kiriwhakapapa campsite 7.5 hours.

Tuesday return to Auckland.

Leader and Booking Details at this website link 

Transport: Private cars

Transport Cost: Suggest $400 to driver, split between those in car

Accommodation Cost: $10 pp per night Kiriwhakapapa Campsite (self-register on arrival)

Destination:. Kiriwhakapapa Campsite, Wairarapa

Bookings will open at 7pm on Tuesday 5th December