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Ivory Lake

You MUST obtain approval from the leader before booking for any extended multiday trip. 

Tuesday 27 December 2022

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Tuesday 27 December 2022 – Monday 09 January

Extended Summer Trip – Ivory Lake Hut

Tuesday 27 First flight to Christchurch on the morning of the 27th, rental car to Hokitika then inland to the Hokitika Gorge carpark (3.5 hrs). Walk up the Whitcombe River to Rapid Creek hut (3.5 hrs).

Wednesday 28 Continue up river to Price Flat Hut (8.5 hrs).

Thursday 29 Continue up river to Wilkinson Hut (5.0 hrs).

Alternative: Cross river and 1100m climb up Steadman Brow access route and camp by tarns near Cropp Knob (6.0 hrs).

Friday 30 Cross river and 1000m climb over Pahlow Ridge, crossing near Johanson Peak before dropping to Price Basin Hut (9 hrs).

Alternative: Traverse along Steadman Brow to Mt Beaumont (2139m) and drop to Ivory Lake Hut (12 hrs). 

Saturday 31 Climb up onto ridgeline, traverse ridgeline to point 2056 and drop to Ivory Lake Hut (7 hrs). 

Alternative: Day trip to Park Dome or rest day.

Sunday 1 Day trip to Park Dome or rest day.

Alternative: Ivory Lake to Top Tuke hut (9 hrs).

Monday 2 Ivory Lake to Top Tuke Hut (9 hrs).

Alternative: Top Tuke Hut to Dicky Spur Hut (7hrs).

Tuesday 3 Top Tuke Hut to Dicky Spur Hut (7hrs).

Alternative: Dicky Spur Hut to Mikonui Hut (4 hrs).

Wednesday 4 Dicky Spur Hut to Explorer Hut (8 hrs).

Alternative: Mikonui Hut to Explorer Hut (4 hrs).

Thursday 5 Explorer Hut to Hokitika Gorge Carpark (7 hrs) and drive to Otira Backpakers.

Friday 6 Drive to Aickens Corner and tramp to Koropuku Hut (9 hrs).

Saturday 7 Koropuku Hut to Townsend Hut (5 hrs).

Sunday 8 Townsend Hut to Aickens Corner and back to Otira Backpackers.

Monday 9 Otira backpakers to Christchurh Airport (2 hrs). 

Details and costs are still being worked out.

Overall the trip is rated as Fit – there is some alpine travel requiring ice axes and crampons. 

All plans as usual subject to change based on the conditions at the time.

Maximum party size 5 people. To be considered you must have participated capably in several multi day trips in the last couple of years.

If you are keen, please contact Robin Houston This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..