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Ruapehu extended Labour Weekend - Medium

You MUST obtain approval from the leader before booking this trip. They'll give you the trip code - without the correct code your booking will be rejected.

Be sure you know everything you need to know before booking this trip - the booking process, the gear you need, departure point, emergencies, tramp grading description. See the Multiday Tramp info page.

Only ATC members can book a trip up to 3 weeks before a trip commences. After that time, non-member bookings may be accepted.

Friday 20 October 2023

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Various trips using the Ruapehu Round the Mountain (RTM) track, with an early morning start from Auckland.


Friday early morning departure from Auckland, drive to Whakapapa Village, RTM track to Whakapapaiti Hut (3hrs).

Saturday RTM track to Mangaturuturu Hut (6hrs).

Sunday continue on RTM track up the cascades to Ohakune Mountain Road then on to Mangaehuehu Hut either by the standard route down the road and along the track (5-6hr) or cross-country from the top of the road to Blyth Hut then via the track (6+hr) or cross-country in a longish but pleasant sidle to .1626 then down its southern ridge to the scrub line, then following the stream immediately west till it hits the RTM track, then head west along it for 10 minutes to the hut (7+hrs). Route selection at leader’s discretion, dependent on conditions and party’s navigational confidence/competence.

Monday return to bus (3hrs) to meet Easy party, drive to Whakapapa to pick up Fit party, return to Auckland.

Leader: Terry Chubb Ph 021 870 158

Transport: Club bus
Drivers: Chris Burnett and Lee McKay
Transport Cost: $105 members, $130 non-members
Destination: Whakapapa Village
Departure: Friday 7.00 am, Club Garage, 31 Sandringham Road
- Trip is limited to 21, 7 per party
- Maps: NZTopo50 BJ34 Mount Ruapehu, BJ35 Waiouru, BH34 Raurimu
- Tents essential for Fit party, recommended for Easy & Medium parties given the long weekend and the area’s popularity
- Huts are serviced so a $25 green hut ticket to stay in them, a $10 blue hut ticket to camp at them. Probably easier just to have a valid Backcountry Hut Pass which covers both eventualities.


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