We've come a long way since the bad old days when tramping clothing was heavy, pretty much all the same and struggled in marginal conditions.

These days garments are highly technical, work brilliantly and are umbelievably light.

Plus there's a bewildering array of options to choose from.

Of course, some will empty your wallet big time, specially the more technical pieces.

So what should you wear and be carrying on a multiday tramp?

We've put together a few ideas and opinions to help you answer that question.

Clothing Layering

A comprehensive list of what one experienced multiday tramper wears and carries in his pack - layer by layer.

Start here, it's invaluable reading. You're bound to get some great clothing ideas and this big takeaway: Don't believe all manufacturers' claims for water repellency or durability.

Advice about rain jackets

Essential info on choosing a rain jacket.

- The truth about waterproof breathable materials and the importance of ventilation

- The 3 big mistakes to avoid in buying a rain jacket


The humble windshirt: a hugely underated garment

Unckle Wacko reckons a windshirt is the single most useful piece of clothing a tramper can have,

That's one very big claim! 

Find out what possesses him to say that, and if you think it's the way to go for you.

Hint: they're amazing versatile, and unbelievably light!

The wonders of Polartec

The garment every tramper should own - more Wacko wisdom to ponder.



And be sure to check out the clothing in our multiday tramping gear list.