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Getting high at Nelson Lakes

Nelson Lakes 2021 01
Jan 06, 2021 Hits: 107
Medium Christmas trip 2020/2021 Day one: Sabine valley Boxing Day saw a passing electrical storm dumping fresh snow on…
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Matemateaonga West to East – Labour Weekend 2020

Matemateaonga WE 01
Oct 30, 2020 Hits: 117
by Bill Mancer After a failed attempt at doing the Matemateonga Track in 2019, due to excessive rainfall preventing the…
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Matemateaonga East to West – Labour Weekend 2020

Matemateaonga EW 01
Oct 30, 2020 Hits: 69
by Teresa Janssen 32 keen trampers headed south for a weekend of tramping with 5 separate groups heading into the…
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Puteore Loop, Whanganui Forest

Puteore 01
Oct 29, 2020 Hits: 152
Starring Robin, Mark, Aaron, Tony, and Corine (author). Our Labour Day adventures started at mid-day Friday, when we…
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Tutamoe and Tangihua – October 2020

tutamoe 01
Oct 17, 2020 Hits: 84
by Tony Walton This trip was originally scheduled for earlier in the year, but the lockdowns forced a postponement.…
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Rakiura Not Rescheduled 2020

Rakiura Chris 1
Sep 29, 2020 Hits: 168
by Chris Burnett Tramping had been curtailed for most of the year and this was an escapade we were all looking forward…
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Covid Tripping September 2020

Covid 01
Sep 27, 2020 Hits: 126
With Covid continuing to put a spanner in the works, we have no Club trip reports to share from this month. But with…
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Rakiura Rescheduled 2020

Rakiura 01
Sep 25, 2020 Hits: 293
Auckland Lockdown 2 caused a cancellation of our August Rakiura trip (when we were all packed up and ready for an early…
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Pouakai Meanderings Sept 2020

Pouakai 1
Sep 16, 2020 Hits: 116
by Catherine Doyle Our group of 7 left Auckland, Taranaki bound, on Friday in two waves. The forward march left in the…
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Waitawheta Easy group

Waitawheta Easy 01
Aug 11, 2020 Hits: 189
8-9 August 2020 by Ian Roberts A night in the bus at Waiorongomai faded to a dampish morning and the usual early birds…
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Waitawheta Fit group

Waitawheta Fit 01
Aug 10, 2020 Hits: 231
8-9 August 2020 by Louise Inglis Our group of 8 left at 8am from the end of Waiorongomai Rd. Pylon Peak Track, not…
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Pirongia / Karioi

Pirongia 01
Aug 03, 2020 Hits: 347
July 25 and 26, 2020 by Alireza Mokhtar Mount Pirongia – Saturday 25th July It is one of the last days of July. The…
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