The Club has quite a number of documents which are always available for members to review - or if you want a printed copy, contact the secretary. Download these from the bottom of the page.

ATC Rules

These are the published rules of the club which determine how we operate. Any updates require member approval at a members' meeting or ballot. Updated copies must be filed with the Charities Commission. Document link

ATC Regulations

These specify a number of administration requirements for how the club is operated. These can be changed by the committee, although the normal practice is that these are recommended for approval by members at a members' meeting or ballot. Document link

Annual Reports

The club's financial year ends on March 31st each year. At that point the annual financial reports are drawn up, and activity reports are written by the committee or other person responsible for that area.

All of these reports are compiled into the Annual Reports booklet, along with the minutes of the previous year's annual general meeting, the agenda and discussion topics for the current year's annual general meeting, and the Performance Report required by the Charities Commission.

On this page we have the most recent Annual Report booklets - earlier copies are available here.

ATC 98th Annual Report 2023

ATC 97th Annual Report 2022

ATC 96th Annual Report 2021

ATC Officers

This lists all the people who have done a great job running your club since 1978. Document link

Day Walk Trip List

This is required for every day walk we run so that we can know who was on each one. It can be helpful on the day if someone has a health issue or is separated from the main party. We also use it to tick off the trip payments at the end of the day and to collect useful statistics on day walk numbers and attendance. Document link